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Engine & Transmission Services

Turn To Your Rapid City Experts For Excellent Engine Services

The performance of your vehicle’s engine can decrease due to wear and tear. You can ensure that it runs smoothly with regular tune-ups from the professionals at Sumners Automotive.

However, if you have noticed major engine problems, then you should visit us and get it repaired by one of our master technicians. In case the damage is beyond repair, we can also handle its replacement. Contact us today to learn more.

Get Your Transmission System's Issues Properly Resolved

Are you facing difficulties while shifting your vehicle’s gears or does it get stuck in a particular gear often? If so, there could be issues with the transmission system and you should get them checked immediately.

We’ll do our best to provide prompt transmission services so that you can get back on the road quickly. Count on us to provide a nationwide 3 year/100k warranty on any new or remanufactured transmissions.

Our Complete Auto Engine & Transmission Services

Close up view of a vehicles engine being worked on

Warning Signs Your Engine Needs Repair

If you are hearing a knocking or pinging noice coming from your engine bay, it could be a sign of an issue with your engine. It is essential that you figure out this issues ASAP as it could lead to greater issues with your engine. Contact us today!

Your Check Engine Light is a warning sign to indicate problems with your vehicle. If the light comes on and starts blinking without stopping, pull over and get your vehicle to a professional shop immediately. This could be a problem with gas, airflow or any other part as the engine. Contact us today!

If you engine is hot right after you start the vehicle, you need to get your vehicle immediately serviced. The high heat after starting (if it has not been driven in a few hours) is a sign of a potential problem with your engine. Contact us today!

If you notice significant amount of smoke coming from the engine bay or out of the exhaust it means there is a big problem. We suggest taking your vehicle to a professional to get it services immediately. Contact us today!

View of internal transmission components being repaired

Warning Signs Your Transmission Needs Service

You know your vehicle best since you drive it the most. Noises are a common occur in a vehicle but you should be able to tell a normal noise from a strange noise. If you notice a strange noise you have never hard before or if it is a clunking or whining noise then you need to get your vehicle looked at. Contact us today!

Your transmission should work seamlessly so if you experience any hesitation, gear searching or lack of response in shifting gears you need to have your transmission looked at.  Contact us today!

This is the easiest sign to overlook. If you notice a puddle of liquid form under the center of your vehicle when parked you are going to want to examine that fluid. If the fluid is a red or brown hue you definitely need to get your suspension services. Contact us today!

If you feel a grinding, jerking or shaking those are great indicators that you transmission is not operating as it should. These vibrations can be all the time, when shifting or in neutral. If you are feeling these on your vehicle, contact us immediately.  Contact us today!

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