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Suspension Services

We are Rapid City's Suspension Experts.

Make bumpy rides a thing of the past by getting your vehicle’s suspension system checked and repaired by the master technicians at Sumners Automotive. Our experts will provide electronic suspension diagnostics to identify the problems and exceptional repairs to resolve the issues. Our team is equipped to handle curb hits, bent suspension components, alignment issues, broken sway bars and so much more. 

Rest easy knowing that we can provide a FREE estimate within 30 minutes. Contact us today to learn more.

Here Are Just Some Of The Suspension Components We Can Repair

Close up view of a installed shock absorber

Signs Your Suspension Needs Repair

One of the main purposes of your suspension is to provide a stable ride when you are moving. If you are having trouble steering or feel your vehicle pull/drift, your suspension may need some attention. Contact us today for all your repair needs. 

Your suspension is also designed to absorb bumps and uneven surfaces so you have a smooth ride. A good sign your suspension needs attention is if you are experiencing a relatively rough ride. A ‘rough’ ride would be like feeling every little bump on the road. If this is you, contact us today. 

You don’t really want to hear any unusual noises coming from your vehicle but listening can really reveal a lot of issues. Loud noises are typically an indication of loos, worn or broken part which is also true of your suspension. If you are hearing strange noises from your suspension area, bring your vehicle in for inspection today. 

If you have notices balding patches or a wavy wear on your tires, the suspension on your vehicle may be going bad. Your wheels are intended to wear evenly so when your suspension goes bad the wear will start looking irregular. If you have notices uneven wear, contact us today. 

If you feel unstable when driving at high speeds, you may need suspension work done asap. As an example, if you are driving on the highway and feel your vehicle is moving or rocking up, down or side to side, you need your suspension worked on. If feel unstable at high speeds, contact us today!

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