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Precise Alignment Service Why Cars Need Alignment! When your vehicle is out of alignment, three basic problems may occur. You may experience irregular tire wear, handling problems or a crooked

Auto Repair Get Your Vehicle Repaired by Our Experts Every part of your vehicle should work perfectly to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable drive. If you have

Brake Services Let Us Put An End To Your Vehicle's Brake Problems If your vehicle's brakes are slow to react or make a squealing noise when applied, you should get

Suspension Services Keep Your Vehicle's Suspension In Peak Condition Make bumpy rides a thing of the past by getting your vehicle's suspension system checked and repaired by the technicians at

Engine & Transmission Services Turn To Us For Excellent Auto Engine Services The performance of your vehicle's engine can decrease due to wear and tear. You can ensure that it

Auto Diagnostics Get Diagnostics To Identify Your Vehicle'e Issues Is your vehicle's check engine or maintenance light on? Bring your vehicle to Sumners Automotive for an inspection or diagnosis. Trust

Auto Heating & AC Services Ensure You Are Comfortable Inside Your Vehicle Don't let your vehicle's faulty heating and AC system ruin your driving experience. Head over to Sumners Automotive

Trailer Services Rely On Us To Provide Exceptoinal Trailer Services Whether you need lighting repairs for your trailer, trust the technicians at Sumners Automotive to take care of it expertly.

Your One-Stop Shop for Vehicle Repairs in Rapid City

With over 16 years in the Automotive industry. We are master ASE certified and provide a safe and reliable service. We are using the latest technology to offer our customers the best experience possible. 
Sumners Automotive provides a wide variety of automotive repair services, call today for a free estimate!
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Technician performing a wheel alignment on a vehicle


Variable cruise control, lane detection – these options rely on cameras and radars. If you have had an alignment done and did not get your ADAS system calibrated, these systems may not operate properly.

Rear view of an SUV pulling a trailer on a highway

Trailer Repair

Whether you need lighting repairs for your trailer, trust the technicians at Sumners Automotive to take care of it expertly. You can feel confident that we'll provide trailer services that will ensure your complete satisfaction.

Close up view of a vehicles engine being worked on

Auto Repairs

For complete auto repair services, visit Sumners Automotive. From transmissions to brakes, we can handle any repairs necessary to get you back on the road quickly. Stop by for an estimate!

View of a vehicles engine bay

Engine and Transmission

When you need services such as engine rebuilding or transmission filter replacement, choosing us is your best option! You can ensure that it runs smoothly with regular tune-ups from the professionals at Sumners Automotive.

Technician working on a vehicles suspension

Suspension Services

Enjoy a smooth ride with suspension services from Sumners Automotive. Our experts will provide electronic suspension diagnostics to identify the problems and exceptional repairs to resolve the issues.

Vehicle having brakes serviced

Brake Services

Ensure your brakes work perfectly by getting an inspection and repairs from our ASE-certified Master technicians. Count on us to provide quality brake repairs to ensure that it's safe to use your vehicle on the road.